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Prof. Dr. med. Arnd Dörfler

The Ottawa Hospital, Canada
PI Dr. Thanh Binh Nguyen
Study Title: Evaluation of MR T1-weighted and T2-weighted perfusion imaging at 3T in the diagnosis of patients with glioma

Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden
PI Dr. Elna-Marie Larsson
Study Title: Perfusion MRI for evaluation of therapy response in malignant glioma

Universitätsklinikum Erlangen, Germany
PI Dr. Arnd Dörfler
Study Title: Intraindividual cross-over comparison of Gadobutrol and Gadoterate enhanced combined DSC-MR-Perfusion and MR-Angiography in patientes with cerebrovascular disease
Study Title: Prospective, open-label, two-arm, parallel-group, single center phase IV clinical trial to evaluate the diagnostic value of a Gadobutrol enhanced dynamic susceptibility perfusion MRI (DSC-MRP) and a non contrast arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI (ASL-MRP) in subjects with minor cognitive impairment or minor Alzheimer’s disease compared to age matched mentally healthy subjects

University of Southern California, USA
PI Dr. Meng Law
Study Title: Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Steady State T1-weighted Perfusion MRI (DCE MRI): Characterization of Intracranial lesions comparing MR contrast agents with different T1 relaxivity

University of Manitoba, Canada
PI Dr. Marco Essig

Prof. Dr. med. Arnd Dörfler
Telefon: 09131 85-39388
Fax: 09131 85-36179

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